About the Centre


The Dhamma Gavesi Meditation Centre (DGMC) was established under the leadership and guidance of Bhante Jinalankara with the pure intention of rendering Dhamma service to those who are interests in the Buddha’s teaching.


We are now living in a materialized and commercialized world where the man is gripped with much tension. It seems that spirituality is gradually falling to Zero.


Man is running after a mirage of happiness from materialistic comforts. Thirst for materialistic joy is now higher than in early days. At DGMC, programmes are conducted to teach the paths of insight and successful avenues to be free from miseries to those who live under pressure and stress.


Theravada teaching

At present, there are two main schools in Buddhist practice as Theravada and Mahayana. DGMC is based on the Theravada Buddhist practice and affiliated to “Sri Kalyani Yogashrama Samstha” (Galduwa) the forest monastic tradition in Sri Lanka. Theravada Buddhism is mostly practiced in Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Lao. At present Theravada teachings are broadly practiced even in the West. Bhante Jinalankara, the founder teacher at DGMC is from the Theravada tradition.



How the centre runs:

In accordance with the Theravada tradition, monks and lay disciples of the Buddha continue the practice of Dhamma mutually supported by each other. While practicing the Dhamma, monks provide lay disciples the teachings and spiritual inspiration. In gratitude, lay disciples provide material support for their renouncing life and practice generosity, morality and meditation (Dana, Sila and Bhavana) under the guidance of monks. Hence the resident monks of DGMC are entirely supported by generous offering of robes, food, shelter and medicine offered by lay people from various communities. Donations can be made to DGMC way of finance, materials and volunteer service.