Events Schedule



English Programs

- Every Saturday OPEN DAY for the Community

- Monthly Last Saturday MEDITATION SESSION from 9:00am to 4:00pm


Annual Activities

- New Year (Conventional Calender) 1st January
A special Puja and Pirith (Paritta) chanting ceremony is conducted to invoke blessings for all visitors to the temple at the  auspicious time of the New Year


- Sinhala and Hindu New Year (Zola Calendar) April
The temple plans to perform all Sri Lankan customs at auspicious times and invoke blessings to devotees of all nationalities in New Zealand.


- Wesak Celebrations - May (Full moon day)
All day programme including observing Sil (eight precept), meditation, dhamma talk and discussion followed by a colourful Wesak lanterns display in the evening. This takes place on the Saturday which is closest to the Wesak full moon day.


- Poson Celebrations June (full moon day)
Special Sil programme followed by Poson Bakthi Gee (devotional songs). This takes place on the Saturday which is closest to the Poson full moon day.


- Katina Ceremony October/ November
Special Pirith (Paritta) Chanting ceremony followed by the Katina ceremony (Offering of the Katina robe) on the following day. This takes place on a weekend between full moon days of October and November