BUDDHIST STUDIES (English) by author and title




To the Last Breath

Kiat, Dato Chee Peck

Voice of Buddhism

Kung, Ven Master Chin

Buddhism as an Education

Kung, Ven Master Chin

The Art of Living

Kuruppu, Rajah

Buddhism Its Essence and Some Relevant

Ledi, Sayadaw

Magganga Dipani, A Manual of The Path Factors

Levi, Sayadaw

A  Four Stanza Poem on Samvega

Mahasi, Sayadaw

Mahasi Abroad Part I

Mahasi, Sayadaw

Mahasi Abroad Part II

Muthukumarana, N

Guide to the Study of Theravada Book 1

Naarada, Thero

The Buddha and His Teachings

Nanamoli, Bhikku

A Pali English Glossary of Buddhist

Narada, Thero

A Manual of Buddhism

Narada, Thero

An Elementary Pali Course

Narada, Thero

The Buddha and His Teachings

Nyanaponika, Thero / Hellmuth, Hector

Great Disciples of The Buddha

Nyanatiloka, Ven

Buddhist Dictionary

Nyanatiloka, Ven

Path to Deliverance

Nyanatiloka, Ven

The Buddhas path to Deliverance

Pandita, Sayadaw U

In This Very Life

Passano, Ajahn and Amaro, Ajahn

The Island: An Anthology of the

Payutto, Bhikku

Good, Evil and Beyond

Pesala, Bhikku

An Introduction to Kamma

Pesala, Bhikku

The Heart of Buddhism

Piyadassi, Thero

The Buddhas Ancient Path

Rahula, Ven Walpola Sri

What The Buddha Taught

Rahula, Yogavacara Bhikku

The Way to peace and happiness

Ratanasara, Ven Pallegama

The Buddhist Concept of the Environment and Individuals

Sarachchandra, E R

Buddhist Psychology of Perception

Sarada, Ven Weragoda Maha Thero

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Sucitto, Ajahn

Where are you going?

Sujato, Bhikku

Sects and Sectarianism

Thanissaro, Bhikku

Beyond Coping

Tilakaratne, Asanga

Nirvana and

U Ko Lay / U Tin Lwin

The Great Chronical of Buddhas

Wee, Victor

Buddhist Hymns

Wijebandara, Chandima

Early Buddhism: Its Religious and